Teen Missions Mud Run—Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Teen Missions Mud Run is 5K Mud Run race with over 30 obstacles and lots of mud and water! Almost half of the 5K course is on dirt trails through the woods. It has challenging obstacles that will push you out of your comfort zone and past your limiting beliefs. If there is an obstacle you are unable to complete, you may choose to skip it. However, if you are registered in any of the competitive timed waves, there is a 25 jumping jack penalty for anyone who fails to complete or chooses to skip an obstacle.

Adult/Teen 5K Mud Run Ages 13+
35 challenging obstacles $65 (fun) or $70 (competitive timed)

Family 5K Mud RunAges 7+
35 challenging obstacles
Adults $65, Children (ages 7-12) $25

Junior 2K Mud Run Ages 9-12
26 challenging obstacles
Children (ages 9-12) $25

Family 2K Mud RunAges 4+
26 challenging obstacles
Adults $35, Children (ages 4-12) $25

Pricing/Times — Saturday, May 8, 2020

Early Registration ENDS April 1st — $10 increase