AIDS Orphans Mud Run is proud to be a part of #OCRFL.


Organized by MudRunFun, #OCRFL scores your performance in local obstacle course races and mud runs throughout Florida.  At the end of the year, the champion for each category is awarded.


To help promote local races in Florida and to foster a friendly, competitive spirit among obstacle racers of all skill levels.




  1.  You must register for the event under Team MudRunFun.
  2.  You must submit your results HERE no later than 1 week after the event date.
  3. You must submit results via the form HERE.
  4.  You can only accumulate points on events listed HERE.
  5.  Only results from officially timed waves will be accepted.
  6.  Participating events can only have events in Florida.
  7. Participating events must have event listed on mudrunfun.com
  8. Participating events must be considered an OCR (must have obstacles).
  9. If no age group divisions are in place for that event, Overall standings will apply.